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Choosing the right Photobook

What size photo do I need for a canvas?

How long does my order take?

Goods are delivered to anywhere in Australia. You can expect to receive your order within 5 - 10 business days, depending on your location and postal service times.

How much do you charge for shipping?

Our shipping/handling charges vary depending on the product(s) ordered. We charge a base rate for the first item in an order, then a smaller amount for each additional item in the order. There is also a cap on the charges, usually between 5-10 items. So the larger the order, the more economical the shipping/handling will be. You can easily view the shipping/handling charges by placing items into your shopping cart. Please note the above charges are per individual product type. eg: if you have a canvas product and a gift product in your order then there will be 2 base shipping/handling charges in the calculation.

What does the exclamation mark or the scissors icon mean on the designer?

The exclamation mark in a red circle indicates the resolution quality of the photo selected is too low. For Canvas products, refer to our Resolution Guide

The scissors symbol in a yellow circle on an image indicates that it has been placed in an area which may be trimmed or bound when the product is made. This area can be seen when hovering a photo over an unsafe area.


How do I add, delete or move pages in a book?

How do I add photos to a project?

How do I add text to a project?

How do I crop or enlarge photo prints?

On Desktop use the mouse wheel to zoom in then click and drag to reposition the image.

On Mobile use pinch zoom to make the image larger then swipe to reposition the image.